Amerisleep AS2 Mattress Review: A Premium Eco-Friendly Mattress

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Amerisleep AS2 Mattress Review: A Premium Eco-Friendly Mattress

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Amerisleep AS2 Mattress Review

Overview of Amerisleep: Amerisleep is one of the most eco-friendly mattresses in the industry. Its eco-friendly design features plant-based formula, zero emissions manufacturing and eco-box delivery. Amerisleep’s unique design approach provides a proper balance between comfort and support, and allows you to sleep cooler than most other memory mattresses in the industry. Amerisleep uses its patented process Variable Pressure Foaming process to manufacture all of its mattresses. VPF process uses plant-based materials to replace some petroleum based toxic materials, making it friendlier to the environment. It also uses recycled material helping us to curb air or environmental pollution. To best suit individual sleeper’s needs, Amerisleep offers five types of mattresses with firmness levels varying from firm to soft – AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4 and AS5.

In my Amerisleep review, I will provide you my take on the AS2 mattress, how it is designed, how it sleeps, key qualities, and how it differentiates from the other mattresses in the market. I will also provide few guidelines on how to choose between AS1 to AS5 mattresses.

My Thoughts on Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep AS2, formerly known as Revere, is medium-firm mattress and it is best suited to sleepers who like to sleep on their back and stomach. It is slightly thicker than the AS1 mattress and contains a transition foam layer, which offers slightly more cushion. My Amerisleep AS2 mattress came with a blend of technologies, such as Bio-Pur, Bio-Core foam layers and Affinity layer with SMT, which provided comfortable but balanced support. Plus, it offered a Celliant cover, made with thermoreactive yarn, which provided a cool sleep throughout the night.

AS2 Amerisleep mattress will be a good fit for people, who prefer medium-firm cushion for a perfect back-support. This medium-firm mattress provides just right amount of support and softness to give you a comfortable feel and a good bounce. AS2 mattress pricing starts at $749 for twin mattress after applying $250 off Amerisleep promo code. The Queen mattress is priced at $1049 after $250 Amerisleep discount.

Unboxing Amerisleep AS2 Mattress

My AS2 mattress was shipped through FedEx with standard 3-5 business days shipping. The shipment was delivered at the door compressed and rolled in an eco-friendly box made from post-consumer materials. Shipment weighed 81 lbs with dimensions as 45x20x19 inches.

See below pictures on unboxing and setup.

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It took me and my partner just less than an hour to unbox and setup the mattress. Once unpacked and installed, the mattress took about six hours to fully expand. We didn’t observe off gassing or chemical smell during its expansion.

See our Amerisleep AS2 mattress review video to view our fully expanded Amerisleep mattress.

AS2 Mattress Design

Amerisleep uses an open-cell structured eco-friendly foam that is breathable and disperses heat offering a cool sleep. The AS2 mattress is a 12 inch mattress constructed with four layers:
[1] At the bottom, it has an eco-friendly and sag-free Bio-Core foam support layer (7 inches
1.8 lb density), [2] followed by an affinity layer with Surface Modification Technology (SMT), [3] then topped off in a breathable cooling Bio-Pur foam layer (2 inches 4.0 lb density) with an advanced open-cell structure and [4] finally laminated with Celliant cover made with thermoreactive fabric.

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Amerisleep AS2 Review: Mattress Design

Continue reading my Amerisleep AS2 mattress review to know how these layers incrementally enhances your sleep experience by optimally balancing the comfort and support.

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Sleep Experience with Amerisleep AS2

The definition of comfort varies from sleeper to sleeper, but personally I found the Amerisleep AS2 mattress very comfortable. The AS2 provided me a just right amount of balance between comfort and support throughout the night. Affinity layer, which offers a transition between the comfort and support foam layers, really enhanced the overall softness and responsiveness giving feeling of comfort during the sleep.

Due to its advanced cell structure, the AS2 mattress quickly absorbed any motion, allowing us to get in and out of bed without disturbing the other partner.

See below video for the AS2 motion transfer test. You can see how ball remains steady despite of any motion around it.

Balanced Spinal Support
Our Amerisleep AS2 came with a Bio-Core foam layer which provided an excellent spinal support. The Bio-Core foam provided a balanced support to hips and shoulders, maintaining proper spinal alignment in multiple sleeping positions. The AS2 mattress did not give any feeling of sinking, since it effectively adapted to the spine offering a better spinal alignment. This makes the medium-firm AS2 mattress a best suited one for those looking to get a back support.

Pressure Relief through Optimal Bounce
Amerisleep AS2 offered an immediate pressure relief regardless of my sleeping position (sideways or back) due to its active flex foam placed near top of the mattress. Also, at the bottom of the foam, the mattress features the Surface Modification Technology (SMT), which is designed provide proper bounce and relief around typical pressure point areas such as shoulders and hip bones.

See this Amerisleep AS2 review video for the bounce test:

The typical foam mattress takes around 60 seconds for the foam to bounce back giving you feeling of getting stuck when you change positions. Whereas, the AS2 mattress bounced back in just 2-3 seconds (as shown in the video below) subtly absorbing our motion whenever we moved or changed our positions. If you like your mattress to provide bounce and responsiveness, I am sure that you will appreciate the Active Flex and SMT technology in your Amerisleep mattress.

See below video for the AS2 responsiveness test:

Stays Cool
Thanks to its design based on Celliant cover and Bio-Pur memory foam, our AS2 mattress stayed cool all-night.
Amerisleep Mattress Promo Code - Celliant CoverThe Bio-Pur foam is designed to breathe through its open cell structure and conform to your body offering a comfortable sleep. The open cell structure allows more air space between the foam particles, keeping the mattress cooler and comfortable. And the Celliant cover is an advanced fabric that keeps the mattress stay cool throughout the night.

100-Night Trial and Return Policy
Amerisleep AS2 mattress is one of the popular mattress out there, but what if you are not completely satisfied with it? Amerisleep offers a 100-night trial with free return policy, which eliminates the risk of buying a mattress that you are not completely satisfied. However, before you decide to return your mattress, we suggest you experience the mattress for at least 30 days in order to get your body adjusted to it. If you still decide to return or exchange your mattress, Amerisleep offers a great return policy. Just reach out to Amerisleep customer service and they will arrange a shipper to pickup your mattress at no cost to you. The returned mattresses are either donated to charity or sent for recycling. This return policy makes your purchase a very low-risk and worry-free.

In addition to 100-night trial, Amerisleep provides 20 years of warranty for any issues related to the quality. So, even after your trial period is over, you are covered if anything goes wrong with your mattress. Amerisleep warranty is split into two parts: (1) The first 10 years is a full replacement warranty (2) The second 10 years is a prorated warranty with the period measured from the purchase date. This warranty offering is very similar to the warranties provided by the other manufacturers in the mattress industry.

Amerisleep Mattress CouponSocial impact
Amerisleep manufactures their mattresses using their parented eco-friendly VPF process that emits zero emissions into the atmosphere and exceeds the Clean Air Act’s standards. All their mattresses are designed with plant-based materials and use less petroleum or chemical products. Amerisleep internally recycles any waste produced from the VPF process. The AS2 mattress I received was packed in a box made from post-consumer materials making it even more eco-friendly. I believe this is what differentiates Amerisleep from its competitors.

Choosing between Amerisleep AS1 to AS5 Mattresses

The selection between AS1 to AS5 mattresses depends upon the position you find most comfortable at night. Your sleeping position, depending upon your preference to sleep on your side, back or both, requires an optimal the amount of pressure relief and support during your sleep. Here are some of my thoughts on how to choose between AS1 to AS5 mattresses.

AS1 and AS2 Mattress (Firm to Medium-Firm): If you prefer to sleep on your back, then I recommend the AS2 mattress (as detailed in my Amerisleep review here). When sleeping on the back, you need a proper balance between pressure relief and support, and AS2 mattress precisely does just that. And if you like to sleep on your stomach and are looking to get even firmer support, then you may want to check out their firmest AS1 mattress (formerly Americana).

AS4 and AS5 Mattress (Medium-Soft to Soft): If you prefer to sleep on your side, then AS4 mattress (formerly Colonial) is best suited for you. When sleeping on your side, most of your weight is centered towards your hips and shoulders, which need the most pressure relief. If you prefer even more cushion and a softer feel, then you may want to try the AS5 mattress (formerly Independence).

AS3 mattress (Medium firmness level): If you prefer to sleep on your sides and back positions, then the AS3 mattress (formerly Liberty) is best suited for the combination sleepers like you. This mattress is right in the middle in terms of softness and firmness level and will provide you optimal balance between comfort and support regardless of you and your partner’s sleeping position.

Comparing Amerisleep AS2 vs Casper Mattress

Here we will compare on Casper’s “The Casper” model compared to the Amerisleep AS2. Both these mattresses from either companies offer pressure relief for sensitive areas such as lower back.

As shown in the the table below, Amerisleep AS2 mattress outperforms Casper mattress by using fabric certified by the FDA offering a better sleep and its support layer provides increased comfort and sound sleep when compared to Casper mattress. The support layer offers consumers an extra two inches of cushion providing targeted support for sensitive areas.

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Amerisleep vs Casper Mattress Comparison

Both mattresses do share some similarities, such as featuring advanced memory foam which offers bounce and responsiveness, so that you don’t feel stuck in the bed. Both Amerisleep and Casper mattress offers breathability and stays cool throughout the night. Casper’s queen-size mattress costs $100 less expensive than an Amerisleep AS2 queen sized mattress.

Amerisleep AS2 Review Conclusion (4.8/5 Rating)

Overall, we liked our Amerisleep AS2 mattress. It deserves our 4.8 out of 5 rating. It has also received 4.9-star rating from 2794 of its customers, as of July 1st, 2018. We believe it will be a good fit for people, who likes to sleep on their back or prefers medium-firm cushion for a perfect back-support. By using advanced technologies such as Bio-core, Bio-pur and SMT, the Amerisleep AS2 provides just a right amount of softness and support to give you a comfortable feel along with a good bounce. With AS2, you are sure to wake up refreshed and energized after a good night’s sleep. And finally, Amerisleep’s 100-night trial and hassle-free return policy makes your mattress purchase a low-risk and worry-free — you really can’t go wrong.

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